Product registration

Thank you for choosing a Villager product.

You can register your product with the online form.

You can read the instructions on how to find the serial number and model number in this document.


  • Registration must be completed within 60 days of the date of purchase in order to receive a 3-year warranty. The legal eligibility for the purchased device is 24 months. By registration, the buyer is entitled to an additional 12 months, that is, 3 years from the date of purchase stated on the fiscal account.
  • The 3-year product warranty applies to all Villager machines and power tools except Villager / FUSE batteries.
  • The warranty of the goods lasts for 3 years and it is valid under the following conditions: by submitting the original seller's invoice, by submitting a Declaration of Conformity (supplied with the device purchased), by submitting a certificate of guarantee, i.e. registration, using the goods for the purpose for which they were intended and in accordance with the instruction manual, repair, replacement or disassembly of parts or the whole device exclusively in authorized repair shops, installing and using only original spare parts.
  • Agromarket doo reserves the right not to extend the warranty if it is subsequently determined that this warranty certificate was issued on the basis of invalid and incorrect information on the user, date and place of purchase, as well as on the device registered, at the same time if the information in this certificate differs from data in the fiscal account.
  • For additional information:
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