Robotic mower Villybot™ 2.0


Product specification

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Category Robotic mowers
Engine type Induction motor
Battery type Li-ion, integriran, 18 V, 2.5 Ah (LG)
Battery voltage 18 V
Battery capacity 2.5 Ah
Battery life 45 min.
Charging time 60 min (automatic)
Cutting width 180 mm
Cutting height 25 mm - 50 mm (central)
Max. operating slope 30% (17°)
Weight 7 kg
Engine Battery
Type of propulsion Robotic mower
Mowing area 400 m²


Villybots are an autonomous robots whose purpose is to independently mow lawns with the minimum human assistance. Before the production of Villybot robotic mowers there was a years-long researchdevelopment process whose goal was to create highly sophisticated, reliable, autonomous units which, on the other hand, would be reliable at work and long lasting. During the development, extra attention was given to user experience.

Villybot 2.0

Fully automatically mower which maintain your lawn quietly. There are settings for mowing frequency (every or every second day) and working time (2,4,6h). After installation robot mow randomly, every time in new direction with advantage of tracing free. Inside is durable Li-ion battery 18V 2.5Ah. 

Random cutting

Robot operate in various direction, every time walk in new route. Main advantage is lawn free of any traces like traditional mower leaves.

Equipment : 

  • Charging station
  • Power adaptor 
  • Perimeter wire
  • Wire pegs
  • Wire connectors 
  • Spare blades 

Features : 

  • Lift sensor
  • Rain sensor 
  • Bump sensor
  • Anti-theft code


Occasionally it may be necessary to clean collected grass, and also to control blade sharpness and swap them (as needed).


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